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This page was divided into three(3) sections:
  1. General Information -- Information about the product's requirements;
  2. Product Description -- A detailed description of the product (screenshots included);
  3. Package Distribution - Learn how you can acquire the product.

1. General Information
  • Type: Application;
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows (9x, Me, 2000, XP), Slackware Linux;
  • License Type: Freeware;
  • Registration: Not Required.

2. Product Description

ReNameIt is a powerful desktop tool which will help you rename & index any number of files quickly and safely. If you need to index your pictures, MP3s, movies or if you simply need to keep your files in perfect order then ReNameIt is the tool you need.

Screenshots: In order to view the screenshot(s) please click the link(s) situated below.
3. Package Distribution

If you want to use this product you can contact the author (see the contact page) or you can download it directly from this page. Here is the download information:
  • Archive type: (*.zip;*.tar.gz). To open this archive you'll need an application that can handle (*.zip;*.tar.gz) archives like WinZip, WinRAR, WinAce, Ark, GZip and so on;
  • Preparing for deployment: The link situated below will activate the downloading sequence. Click it in order to start downloading the archive.
  • Tips on how to extract and install the package: When you're finished downloading the archive apply a double click on the package and unzip it, then, before you do anything, please read the manual contained in the package. Thank you!